10 Apr 2019

Elsyng Palace Dig Summaries

palace reconstruction
Elsyng Palace c.1540 Documents linked below desribe the buildings to the left of the picture.

The Forty Hall Estate have uploaded a series of pdfs describing the work we've done since 2014 investigating a service range belonging to Henry VIII's Elsyng Palace, containing what we now think was the palace "boiling house".

You can read about the work on the Forty Hall website or directly below:

2014 Excavation Report
First exposure of the southern facade wall, the double 'moats' and the first garderobe.
2015 Summary
More of the facade wall and the second garderobe (containing a complete window pane).
2016 Summary
Internal rooms, remains of glazed floors and stairwell.
2017 Summary
Brick drain, first exposure of the multi-phase brick floors and furnace of the 'boiling house'.
2018 Excavation Report
Featuring the complete furnace and adjacent structures including the double octagonal tower.

We'll be back in Forty Hall in July to (hopefully) finish our exploration of this building range.


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