11 Mar 2020

Threat to Enfield Museum and Local Studies Library

You may be aware that Enfield council has suddenly threatened the continuing existence of the first floor of the Dugdale Centre as both a community hub and the base for the main museum displays, office and the whole Local Studies Library.

They have said nothing about where the latter would move to and it looks like we would entirely loose the museum’s permanent displays. This could effectively be the end of both Museum and Local Studies Library.

The EAS committee is urgently seeking a meeting with the chief executive of the council and making our voice heard, but we need you to complain as loudly as you can as well.

A petition has been started against this at change.org

and or you could protest to your local councillor – to find yours and get in touch with them go to https://new.enfield.gov.uk/services/councillors-and-democracy/


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