29 Mar 2018

Elsyng Documents Project

With two months to go until the first of this year's digs on the site of Elsyng Palace in Forty Hall, we're working hard on our project to document the history of the site and compile a comprehensive report on all the archaeological work undertaken there since 1963.

Much has previously been written about Elsyng, but very often with reference to second hand and incomplete sources. For the first time, we are aiming to write a complete history of the site with, where possible, reference to original documents.

Our documentary research so far has already revealed previously unknown aspects of the site's history as well as overturning some long held theories on the Palace's structure.

It will be some time before our report is available, but in the meantime we will be sharing transcripts and extracts from the original documents as we come by them.

These will be listed on the main Elsyng project page.

The first document, published today, is a transcription of the will of Sir Thomas Lovell, K.G.


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