19 Apr 2016

2016 Summer Dig Dates

Cedars Park

This year we wil be returning to the former sites of Elsyng and Theobalds palaces as part of our Festival of Archaeology excavations.

We will be digging on the 8th 9th and 10th July in Cedars Park, Broxbourne on the former site of James I's Theobalds Palace, continuing to look at the remains of the loggia that once formed part of the celebrated 17th century ornamental palace gardens. Last year we uncovered evidence that the loggia was colonnaded and bounded by an ornamental canal. This year we hope to find more evidence for the interior of the structure and perhaps get a better idea of its full size.

the garderobe

The following week, we will be digging from the 12th -- 17th in Forty Hall, Enfield on the former site of Henry VIII's Elsyng Palace, continuing our exploration of the large palace building we first discovered in 2014. So far we have uncovered two garderobe (toilet) chutes, together with substantial wall remains and evidence of an ornamental moat that fronted the palace building. This year we aim to move into the building in search of more dating evidence, to study its floors and get a better idea of the building' size. Last year's star find was a complete panel from a palace window, still set in its lead channels, so hopes for similarly exiting finds this year are high!

We will be cooperating with the Forty Hall estate to give tours and talks to school classes during the week -- for more information contact Frances Cherry at fortyhalllearning@enfield.gov.uk.

Each Sunday will be a public event with stalls and Society members on hand to answer questions and explain our work.

Details of meeting places and start times for members who wish to join the dig will be sent out later in the year.


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