02 Jul 2014

Institute of Archaeology Maya Workshops

Coming in September:

Maya on the Thames Flyer


Interested in ancient writing, art, culture, and chocolate? Want to learn more about the ancient Maya? Then come and join us at the 3rd Annual Maya-on-the-Thames workshops at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London from Friday 19th September until Sunday 21st September 2014!

This event offers something for everyone! Sign up for a package introduction to Maya culture that includes workshops on the calendar, trade and travel, art, agriculture, and chocolate.

Or, if you prefer, spend your weekend learning how to read and write ancient Maya glyphs in one of our three hieroglyph workshops.

Learn the basics in our no-previous-knowledge-necessary beginner's workshop, or for those with previous experience, quench your hieroglyphic appetite in our intermediate class. Or if you want to read the rules of ancient Maya sports, sign up for our ballgame one!

For more details and to register please see our website: ucl.ac.uk/mayaglyphs or call 0207 679 7532.

Book your place early to avoid disappointment!



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