02 Dec 2013

Cedars Park Geophysics Survey

gpr survey

A small EAS team went over to Cedars Park yesterday to lend a hand with a small scale ground penetrating radar survey just south of "Pets Corner". The building at the south end of Pets Corner has long been believed to be standing partly on the footprint of a wing of Theobalds Palace. New documentary evidence has recently come to light suggesting the possibility that the palace wing may have continued further south than previously thought, towards what is now rose beds and it is hoped that geophysics may shed more light on this hypothesis. The collected data is now being analysed and we will hopefully share a summary of the results here soon (and probably eventually in the society news bulletin).


Analysis of the results show no obvious structures in the area surveyed. There remains a chance that a tower may have projected from the east side of the building (an area not surveyed), but it looks unlikely. Any further work on the tower theory will probably focus on the standing palace elements of Pets Corner itself. In some ways a disappointing result, but as ever even negative results help advance our understanding of the site!


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