08 Jun 2012

Landscape Features At Cedars Park, Cheshunt, May 5th-7th 2012

Excavations investigated four areas along a partly surviving and partly buried landscape feature, also known from map evidence. The feature was speculated to be a water supply course linked to ornamental canals in the 17thC gardens of Theobalds Palace. However, it was established that it was in fact a late 18th/early 19thC ornamental water filled channel, probably partly re-cut as a gravel quarry boundary in the 20thC.


Double brick skin of vaulted culvert supported farm carts using the field entrance


Dr. Dearne shares a joke with the mini-digger driver...

eas diggers

...as sectioning the ditch begins

eas diggers

Excavation of the brick culvert gets underway.


Brickwork revetment to the north end of the culvert was still in-situ.

culvert interior

Inside, the culvert was still intact.

ditch section

The south section of the ditch feature had been widened, probably to form a boundary to later 20thC gravel quarry working.

ditch section

The north part of the ditch cut was backfilled by 20thC refuse.

culvert trench

The brick culvert was completely excavated and recorded.


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