18 Jul 2012

Festival of British Archaeology, Forty Hall, Day 2

wall test pit

Today was a day of mixed results. A small test pit near the first trench we cut yesterday stubbornly refused to yield a wall but a new trench cut in the avenue did reveal the north side of our enigmatic structure. This is the first time we have seen the north side of the building, and confirms its speculated width of about six metres.

As to the building's function, we are still not certain but are guessing at some sort of agricultural structure like a barn, possibly with accommodation for laborers at one end.

gravel surface

A fourth trench was opened immediately to the west of the lime tree avenue, targeting a similar but separate geophysical anomaly. This revealed only a mixed pebble and rubble deposit to the limit of our permitted depth (as the site is scheduled we are strictly limited to the terms of our license). This is not too disappointing since it is the first trench targeting this feature and we are not certain that the anomaly represents a structure. We will probably re-visit this area at a later date.


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