19 May 2012

Bush Hill Park Excvation and Watching Brief

EAS diggers

Evaluation trenches and a later watching brief on the site of infill house building at the south end of the known Roman settlement recorded exclusively late first and second century activity, including ditches and possible banks interpreted as forming successive boundaries of the settlement and considerable rubbish dumping followed by abandonment or possible cultivation. One boundary ditch Produced possible evidence of ritual depositions.

Roman grey ware sherd

Roman refuse dumping yielded over 2000 pottery sherds, many of local grey wares

Samian sherds

Acid soil conditions had eroded the surface of decorated Samian ware


A mini-digger speeded the initial part of the excavation

poppy head sherd

A Highgate ware "poppy head" beaker

broken pot base

Vessels broken in-situ may indicate ritual deposition

Martin & Vicky

EAS Director of Excavations, Dr Martin Dearne advises a student

More details about this dig and other EAS excavation and research projects will be published in forthcoming issues of the society newsletter.


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