Lectures Jan-Dec 2020

Monthly lectures (except January, August and December) are held at 8.00 p.m. in Jubilee Hall, Parsonage Lane Enfield (close to Chase Side). Doors open 7.30 p.m. Visitors are very welcome (£1.50 per person). A map showing the location of Jubilee Hall is available here

January Winter Break
No Lecture
Friday 14th February Flints and Mammoths: London N13 Part 2
Neil Pinchbeck EAS
Friday 6th March Layers of London, Get Involved with Mapping London
Adam Corsini University of London
Friday 3rd April Excavations & Fieldwork of the EAS, 2019 (& AGM)
Dr Martin Dearne EAS
Friday 15th May Sri Lanka: Traders, Temples and a Tooth
Ian Jones EAS
Friday 12th June Thames Discovery Programme – Recent inter-tidal archaeology
Joshua Frost Thames Discovery Programme
Friday 10th July Geoffrey Gillam Memorial Lecture: The Archaeology of Tottenham Mills: Recent Excavations at Tottenham Hale
Ellen Green PCA
August Summer Break
No Lecture
Friday 11th September To be Announced
Friday 9th October To be Announced
Friday 13th November To be Announced
December Christmas Break
No Lecture